• OpenJUMP GIS

    A free GIS software, that we use a lot for our work. Best for creation and editing of vector data. Please download from

  • OpenJUMP HoRAE

    A toolbox coupled with OpenJUMP to explore movement tracks. It was in particular developed to analyse the home ranges of grizzly bears. Download from its official wiki page.

  • Map Generalisation Toolbox for OpenJUMP

    A toolbox with functions to modify geographic objects, such as functions for line simplification, smoothing and building simplification. Download here.


  • The Free and Open Source GIS Map 2012 (English)

    A survey of mayor open source GIS software projects with some tips about software evaluation. Download pdf.

  • OpenJUMP Tutorial (English)

    A started tutorial to do you first steps with OpenJUMP. Download zip file with pdf & data.

  • Foundations of Location Based Services (English)

    All what you need to know about how location-based services work. Download pdf