Our Services

The typical tasks that are accomplished with GIS are (1) data visualization and exploration, (2) data creation, (3) data editing and (4) data storage. Other common GIS tasks include (5) data conflation, i.e., integration of data from different sources, (6) data queries to select a subset of the data, (7) data analysis, (8) data transformation and lastly, (9) the creation of maps – the most common method used to visualize analysis and query results. We can do all of these tasks.

However, our specialties are in the development of GIS. That means we can design and implement GIS functions and also complete Spatial Data Infrastructures. Most of our GIS development work is done in the language Java and concentrates on the customization of desktop GIS. However, in the past we have also implemented with other programming languages and also developed Web GIS functions and architectures. What type of development works we have done can be seen on our projects page.

What tools we use

For most of our current work we use a Free and Open Source GIS Stack. However, in the past we have accomplished our work using desktop GIS, such as ESRI ArcGIS, Cadcorp SIS, OpenJUMP GIS, gvSIG, and Quantum GIS. Database work was almost only done with PostGIS/PostgreSQL. Development of Web GIS (for PlanYourPlace.ca) was done using a Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Python configuration with Tomcat as app server, the Leaflet.js mapping library, TileMill for tile generation, and GeoServer for web processing services etc. Software development in general is performed with Eclipse, when developing in Java. However als other products such as Visual Studio have been used by us for Visual Basic and C# in the past. Finally, OpenTripPlanner is a specialized software that we used to setup a service for public transit routing in Calgary, Canada.

Where we help

We are based out of Santiago de Chile. However, we can - most likely - help you elsewhere in the world.

Languages we speak

Our services are available in 3 languages: Spanish, English and German.


Prices depend on what your needs are, and where we should help (in Santiago or elsewhere).
However, rates start around 600 US$ for full day, and 2000 US$ for a week.


We got your interest? If so, then you find our contact information here.